Capitol Correspondence - 11.26.18

Democrats Press Acting AG on Texas ACA Lawsuit

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One major item that Washington is waiting on is a court decision in Texas v. Azar, a case where several Republican Attorney Generals filed suit against the Affordable Care Act, citing it is unconstitutional. Many expected the decision out right before the election but it is still pending. See below the latest Democratic Congressional pushback against the case, focusing on challenges to preexisting condition coverage. According to Politico:

‘New York Rep. Jerry Nadler , who is poised to become chair of the House Judiciary Committee, wants to know why the Trump administration decided not to fight a 20-state lawsuit challenging Obamacare’s consumer protections. In a letter to Acting Attorney General Mark Whitaker, Nadler warns that the committee intends to investigate the decision not to defend the federal law, as well as why three career DOJ lawyers removed themselves from the case.

A ruling is expected any day in the Obamacare lawsuit. Oral arguments were more than two months ago. Read Nadler’s letter here.’