Capitol Correspondence - 12.03.19

Details of FY20 Budget Deal in Broad Brushstrokes, Details Being Negotiated

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As reported by CNN:

“The top two appropriators [in the House and Senate] clinched a deal on topline spending levels that should clear the way for at least some of the 12 spending bills to be passed and signed into law before the December 20 deadline [to avoid another potential shutdown], according to two aides with direct knowledge. […]

The topline numbers set spending levels for each appropriations subcommittee, and the bipartisan agreement should clear the path to quick action on a number of the bills. [ANCOR note: Congress has not yet disclosed those levels.]

But the agreement doesn’t eliminate the need for negotiations over the most contentious elements, which will be handled at the subcommittee level, aides said.”

ANCOR will keep members informed on the outcomes of congressional negotiations regarding funding for key federal agencies now that Congress has decided on broader budget parameters.