Capitol Correspondence - 04.26.21

DOL Announces “Essential Workers, Essential Protections” Campaign

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To assist our members to comply with their responsibilities as employers, we share this announcement from the Department of Labor:

“The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division  has launched the Essential Workers, Essential Protections initiative to ensure that workers know about the wage and hour laws that protect them – and how to contact us to get the help  they need.    

We are very pleased to share with you additional materials and information to support this initiative:

  • FAQs. Answers to frequently asked questions addressing pandemic-related scenarios that workers, advocates and employers
  • National Webinar Schedule. WHD also continues to host more webinars nationwide. Please encourage your stakeholders to register for an upcoming event.
  • Blog Article. To underscore the importance of this initiative, we have published an article on the US DOL blog.
  • WHD Workers’ Rights Webpage.  We have a revamped this webpage to better share information about essential protections.

In the coming weeks, WHD will share more multilingual materials for essential workers, including radio public service announcements, social media posts via Facebook and other platforms, and other materials, including posters to be displayed in neighborhood gathering spots.

Anyone with questions about workers’ rights should email  WHD or call 866-4US-WAGE to speak confidentially and directly with a trained professional. WHD has the capacity to speak with callers in more than 200 languages, and enforces workers’ rights regardless of immigration status.”