Capitol Correspondence - 04.15.19

DOL Joint Employer Rule Now Open for Comment, ANCOR Learns About Additional Limitations

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As an update to this story from last week, ANCOR is sharing that the Department of Labor’s Joint Employer Rule has officially been published and is now open for comment. The comment period is open until June 10, 2019. ANCOR will be planning to submit comments to the proposed rule – make sure you are a member of our Government Relations Committee to be part of a work group informing these comments (contact [email protected] for more information).

While ANCOR had noted in our previous article that the rule is to be interpretative, meaning that it is meant to serve as guidance rather than carry the weight of law, Business Insurance has noted further limitations on the rule’s impact. Specifically, the article notes that the rule “could be overruled by courts. It could also differ from the interpretations put forth by other federal agencies and would not nullify regulations promulgated by individual states that have different standards for who should be considered a joint employer.”

ANCOR will share our final comments once they have been finalized and submitted and will keep members informed of new developments on this topic.