Capitol Correspondence - 11.04.18

Don’t Forget to Vote November 6!

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Voting is the most meaningful way a person can participate in the large national discussion around policies. How policy conversations around key issues will unfold in the coming two years will be directly influenced by the outcome of the election tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6. So, if you have not yet voted, use Google’s built-in polling location finder by searching “where to vote” and read ANCOR staff’s voting tips here. We wish everyone a great voting experience tomorrow!

Finding disability-specific resources: We are a proud partner of the REV UP Campaign and the One Person, One Vote Campaign, which offer disability-oriented materials such as candidate questionnaires and voter rights manuals. While generally state and federal law requires localities select physically accessible locations as polling locations, if you or individuals you support are unable to access the building, please talk to a polling staffer or volunteer about curbside voting. Physically inaccessible locations are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to offer curbside voting and indicate that it is available through signs.

Voting by mail: Forgot to post your ballot earlier this week? Fear not, election boards will still accept ballots post-marked on Election Day. If you forgot to stamp your ballot, postal services will still forward the ballot to your local election board and charge them for the stamp.

Navigating paperwork difficulties: If for any reason there is an issue with your voter registration, such as forgetting to re-register after moving or names not matching your ID perfectly, you are entitled to a provisional ballot. Ask for one from poll workers or volunteers – it cannot be refused because as long as you are a citizen you are entitled to your vote!

Beating the clock: As long as you are in line by the time the polls close, then you are allowed to vote even if it is after closing time when you get to the ballot box.

We wish everyone a great voting experience tomorrow!