Capitol Correspondence - 07.16.18

FDA Forms Taskforce to Address Long-Term Drug Shortage

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According to CNN:

“The US Food and Drug Administration [FDA] is forming a Drug Shortages Task Force to look into the country’s persistent drug shortages and find long-term solutions, according to a statement Thursday⁠ from the agency’s commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb.


Experts say these shortages aren’t just causing the medical community to scramble for solutions — they’re hurting patients.


Current shortages include opioid pain medications, certain anesthetics and various antibiotics, according to the FDA’s list.


[The American College of Emergency Physicians] found that nine in 10 emergency doctors who responded to a poll said they had recently dealt with shortages of critical medicines in the ER. More than 40% said that they had seen patients suffer as a result.

Health care practitioners have told CNN that they have had similar problems running out of pain meds, heart drugs, certain antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, electrolytes and more.”

ANCOR is sharing this story in case our members use any of the medications on the FDA’s list of shortages or have been affected by medication shortages in the past as part of their supports.