Capitol Correspondence - 04.15.19

Federal Agency Doors Spinning: Staff Changes at DOL, HHS

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ANCOR is reporting on staff changes at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Labor (DOL) because it is important for our members to be aware of the policy-makers whose decisions affect people with intellectual / developmental disabilities.

Changes at HHS, as reported by Politico Pro:

  • Two departures from the Disabled and Elderly Programs Group: Michael Nardone, Director for the division, is retiring and one of his top aides Jim Golden, is leaving the agency.
  • The new Acting Director for the Disabled and Elderly Programs Group division will be Alissa DeBoy (currently Deputy Director).

As a recap, Michael Nardone’s departure comes shortly after the departure of long-time senior CMS official Tim Hill.

Change at DOL, as reported by Bloomberg Law:

  • The Wage and Hour Division has a new head Administrator, Cheryl Stanton, who was just appointed by the Senate in the role.