Capitol Correspondence - 11.26.19

Federal Government Funded Through December 20

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Shortly before the federal government ran out of funding on November 21, the Senate narrowly averted a shutdown by passing a short-term funding bill, called a continuing resolution, that the House had passed earlier last week. The President has signed the bill, so federal funding will now last through December 20 at 2019 levels while longer-term negotiations for FY2020 continue.

This short-term funding included temporary extensions of Medicaid funding for the U.S. territories, for community health centers and delayed cuts to disproportionate share hospitals (DSH). Should a long-term deal be struck before December 20, this would create opportunities to further extend the aforementioned programs, as well as programs such as Money Follows the Person, and include legislation addressing several tax policy issues. The tax issues include UBIT and charitable deductions. ANCOR will keep members informed of opportunities or challenges that arise as Congress continues to negotiate over the budget.