Capitol Correspondence - 09.09.19

Former Trump Official Shares Medicaid Policy Recommendations in Report

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ANCOR is sharing this article by Politico Pulse because it is important for our members to stay informed on broader Medicaid policy discussions. Note that guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to states on ways to administratively block grant Medicaid is expected to be released soon. In June ANCOR preemptively met with White House teams to remind the Administration of how important Medicaid is to the disability community and request the opportunity for public comment on the guidance before it takes effect.

As shared by Politico Pulse:

“FIRST IN PULSE: BRIAN BLASE’s new report on the Trump health agenda. The former special assistant to the president is out with a review of the Trump administration’s actions, which includes recommendations for his former colleagues.

— One Blase recommendation: Equalize Medicaid reimbursement rates. Blase argues that payment rates should be bumped up for traditional Medicaid while lowered for the Medicaid expansion population, which he says will create more level incentives for states approaching coverage. It’s an idea that draws on an Obama administration proposal.

‘This is not my ideal policy outcome,’ Blase told PULSE. ‘My bigger preference would be to just block grant to states, but that’s not politically realistic,’ he added.

In the Galen Institute report, Blase also reiterated his calls for the administration to strengthen Medicaid program integrity.”