Capitol Correspondence - 05.20.19

GAO Finds CMS Needs Greater Transparency on Medicaid Changes

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ANCOR is sharing this article from Politico Pro because changes to Medicaid are relevant to supports for people with disabilities, which are mostly funded through Medicaid. Additionally, many of the frontline workers who deliver these supports rely on benefits such as those delivered through the type of waiver discussed below.

As shared by Politico Pro:

Watchdog: CMS should be more transparent about Medicaid changes. That’s according to a GAO report posted Friday, which concludes that the agency hasn’t done enough to inform the public of potential changes from Section 1115 demonstrations. [ANCOR note: GAO stands for Government Accountablility Office.]

For instance, GAO noted that Arkansas didn’t include information about expected enrollment changes when applying to amend its demonstration to include work requirements. More than 18,000 Arkansans lost coverage before the courts paused the state’s program in March.”