Capitol Correspondence - 01.08.18

GOP Agenda for 2018

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The second session of the 115th Congress is in full steam and the second term of President Trump’s Administration is also beginning. In order to decide on priorities for the full Republican leadership, the President kicked off 2018 with a retreat with top Republican Congressional Leaders last weekend to discuss top priorities for the year. Read more here.

The annual Republican Congressional retreat to determine priorities – with entitlement reform a key topic – will be held at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia beginning January 31.  ANCOR will be watching the readout of this meeting closely as it will help outline Congress’ goals for the year. Here is a helpful story about the complication of bringing up entitlement reform and the differences between Senate and House leadership on the direction that should be taken.

Remember that 2018 is an election year with ALL House seats up for election and 1/3 of Senate seats up for election – this political reality will play into priorities decided for the course of the next year.