Capitol Correspondence - 07.02.18

HHS Secretary Azar Returns to Senate for Hearing on Drug Pricing

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According to the American Journal of Managed Care:

HHS Secretary Alex Azar appeared before the Senate Committee on Finance today to discuss the Trump administration’s efforts to drive drug innovation and affordability, answering a slew of questions revolving around the “American Patients First” blueprint, increasing generic and biosimilar competition, and value-based pricing.


As he mentioned last week when appearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, Azar pointed out 4 significant problems the healthcare system faces: high list prices set by manufacturers, seniors and government programs overpaying for drugs due to a lack of negotiation tools, rising out-of-pocket costs, and foreign government ‘free riding.’”

ANCOR generally follows the Secretary’s visits to Congress given his importance to I/DD programs. ANCOR members interested in learning more about this hearing in particular can find notes prepared by our lobbyists here.