Capitol Correspondence - 06.17.19

House Includes Provision in Budget to Plan Association Health Plans

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ANCOR is sharing this article by Politico Pro in case this applies to any of our state association members, who would qualify to create association health plans.

As shared by Politico Pro:

“House Democrats early this morning voted to ban funding for the Trump administration’s effort to expand the availability of short-term insurance plans.

The 236-188 vote will insert the prohibition in the chamber’s nearly $1 trillion ‘minibus’ spending package, H.R. 2740 (116).

Democrats have railed against the short-term plan regulations as an effort to undermine the Affordable Care Act, warning that they risk drawing healthy individuals out of the Obamacare insurance markets and into cheaper, skimpier plans that may not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.

President Donald Trump has already vowed to veto the package, which bundles four fiscal 2020 spending bills and covers HHS.”