Capitol Correspondence - 08.24.21

House Leadership Working to Reach Agreement

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The House returned this week faced with a procedural vote to open consideration of pending legislation and the budget resolution.

On Monday, the House was unable to reach agreement on a procedural rule to open consideration of the budget resolution, the bipartisan infrastructure legislation, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR 4). The procedural vote is necessary to begin drafting the budget resolution which includes investments in home and community-based services under the Better Care Better Jobs proposal. Earlier in the month a group of nine House Democrats wrote Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill prior to consideration of the $3.5 trillion budget resolution. Holding only a narrow majority, unity in House Democrats is necessary to get either bill passed the chamber.

House leadership is pursuing a procedural strategy to tie the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill with the budget resolution by establishing a timeline to consider the infrastructure bill.