Capitol Correspondence - 02.11.20

House Symbolically Rejects Administration’s Medicaid Block Grant Proposal

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While ANCOR is still analyzing the Administration’s “Healthy Adults Opportunity” proposal to create Medicaid block grant waivers for specific working adult populations, we are keeping our members informed of the broader political climate surrounding the proposal. As reported by Politico Pulse:

“House Democrats voted to condemn a Trump administration plan letting states cap some federal Medicaid payments, arguing that the week-old guidance aims to hurt those who rely on the safety net program.

—The vote was only symbolic, and no Republicans supported it. But it highlights Democrats’ focus on exploiting what they see as a major advantage on health care issues ahead of November, POLITICO’s Rachel Roubein reports.

The administration’s block grant plan will face more formidable challenges in the coming months — namely, trying to find states that are open to it. Just two — Oklahoma and Alaska — have expressed interest so far, and any attempt is likely to face immediate legal challenges.”

Readers interested in seeing more analyses on this proposal might find the Center for Budget Policy Priorities (CBPP) new paper on the issue informative.