Capitol Correspondence - 09.01.17

Hurricane Harvey – ANCOR Response; Resources; and Congressional Implications

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Many of you have asked ANCOR how you can help with the effects of the hurricane in Texas and Louisiana. To learn about ANCOR’s collaboration with the Houston Mayor’s Office of Disabilities and see how you can be involved, please visit our Hurricane Harvey page on the website, linked here – it contains ANCOR CEO Barbara Merrill’s statement on the crisis, links to government resources and materials, and requests from ANCOR members in affected areas.

Given the scope of the disaster, Hurricane Harvey will take up a lot of attention in Congress next week. Members of Congress are expected to consider a multi-billion aid package to assist affected areas. Despite having political support this package could generate debate within the GOP, as more fiscally conservative members will be concerned about adding to the deficit – especially with discussions about raising the debt ceiling underway. Read more about Congressional considerations here.