Capitol Correspondence - 07.29.19

ICYMI: Business Acumen Center Weekly Update

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ANCOR is sharing this item from our Friday Weekly Update as a courtesy to our members.

As written by Donna Martin, Director of State Partnerships and Special Projects:

As the Business Acumen Learning Collaboratives gear-up for their session at the HCBS Conference in late August, we are busy drafting an agenda that seeks to gather members of the Business Acumen and the Business Development Learning Collaboratives for their final session together. The agenda will span four days and will bring closure to the work of the State Teams.

The agenda will include updates from ACL staff; work on developing the CBOs’ value proposition, and pitching it to potential payers; a conversation on Value-Based Payments from the perspective of a payer; and quality outcomes and measurements.

We will also be working with the Business Development Learning Collaborative to refine their strategic plans and ready them for implementation. We will help them focus on business stability & infrastructure; identifying payers and partners; and managing negotiations and contracting. Finally, we will bring both collaboratives together for our last day with a look at greatest accomplishments, what we have learned, and how to maintain this momentum.

This session will be bittersweet, as we have all been learning together for several years, but we are certain that the networks and resources that have been developed will continue long after the life of the grant!

Please make sure you register for the ANCOR Policy Summit and Hill Day in October to hear more about the outcomes of these important teams.