Capitol Correspondence - 06.24.19

ICYMI: Business Acumen Weekly Update

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We are re-sharing this update from our Friday Weekly Update as a courtesy to our members who might have missed it.

As written by Donna Martin, ANCOR’s Director of State Partnerships and Special Projects:

“The work of the Business Acumen Learning Collaboratives is really exciting to watch!  Both groups are creating system change at both the organizational and state levels.  It is through their work and stories about lessons learned that we are gaining tremendous insight into what types of supports and resources Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and their fellow stakeholders need to imagine, design and implement change.

An example from the Business Acumen Learning Collaborative is the team from Texas.  This group is comprised of an array of stakeholders.  It is led by a state representatives from the department of Health & Human Services / Money Follows the Person program and has representation from several CBOs, Managed Care entities, and other disability rights groups.  Their goal was “to promote a long-term services and support system (LTSS) that takes full advantage of the strengths of both community-based organizations (CBOs) and managed care organizations (MCOs) to help people with disabilities transition from institutions to the community.  The focus was to create a sustainable relocation process that can efficiently serve people with disabilities seeking to live in the most integrated setting of their choice.”  One element they specifically set focus on was the desire to develop a unified contract for all MCOs when engaging a CBO to provide relocation services. 

Over the months of their collaboration, they have achieved numerous milestones along the way and recently submitted their unified contract for service to the relevant MCOs for review by their respective legal departments.  When this is finalized, it will represent the power of collaboration and creativity that is achievable and will also likely be a precedent for future collaboration in the changing landscape of integrated care.

Follow this link for more information on the Business Acumen Learning Collaborative.”