Capitol Correspondence - 06.24.19

Interview: Long-Time CMS Staffer, Previous Interim Director Tim Hill Discusses Life at Medicaid

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ANCOR is sharing this podcast interview in Politico Pulse Check with long-time Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services staffer Tim Hill because of its general interest to our members, given disability supports on Medicaid funding. Tim Hill also briefly served as an Acting Director for Medicaid before leaving the agency. While the interview is an audio file, written notes are available below.

“Tim Hill carved out a nearly three-decade career in the federal government, ultimately rising to a role where he oversaw Medicaid for much of last year.

Now at IMPAQ International, Hill sat down with Dan Diamond to discuss the day-to-day operations of programs like Medicaid, balancing civil service with political changes and some CMS initiatives that have been overshadowed. (Starts at the 1:00-minute mark.)

After the break, Rachana Pradhan and Adam Cancryn join Dan to discuss POLITICO’s report on rising tensions between HHS and the White House. (Starts at the 25:00-minute mark.)


The Trump administration’s controversial Medicaid work requirements were blocked earlier this year by a federal judge.

CMS Adminstrator Seema Verma has touted efforts to improve maternal mortality.

POLITICO’s report on HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s recent clashes with the White House.”