Capitol Correspondence - 10.15.18

JFNA Hosts Webinar on DHS Proposed Public Charge Rule for Immigrants

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We are sharing the information below from the Jewish Federations of North America because the “public charge” rule could apply to immigrants with disabilities who our members may serve. ANCOR’s International Council discusses policy issues like the one below – to join please contact Esme Grant Grewal at [email protected].

“Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a proposed rule to fundamentally and dramatically alter long-standing federal immigration policy for legal/documented immigrants, people seeking to enter the United States legally under visas or seeking to stay here under lawful permanent residence status (i.e. green card). For the first time in our nation’s history, these changes would make receiving public safety net health, nutrition, and housing benefits – including Medicaid – grounds for denying immigrants a visa or lawful permanent residency (i.e., green card). After careful review and analysis, JFNA believes that the proposed changes would decrease legal immigrants’ access to many federal safety net programs, and – as a chilling effect –  scores of legal immigrants stand to forego needed medical and mental health services, immunizations, prenatal care, nutrition, birth control, and many other vital services. As a result, JFNA anticipates that the proposal is likely to lead to increased demand on non-profit aid programs and services, specifically uncompensated care by safety net providers. The proposed regulation would also likely disrupt documented immigrants’ lives who are employed by nonprofit health and mental health provider agencies.

On October 15th at 2:00 p.m. EST, JFNA’s Strategic Health Resource Center will be hosting a webinar featuring nationally recognized experts on the potential health care and other implications of the proposed changes to the Public Charge rule.

To read about our speakers, please click here.

To join the webinar, please register here: 

For more analysis from the JFNA Strategic Health Resource Center (SHRC) on the proposed rule, please see our latest memo on public charge.”