Capitol Correspondence - 07.23.18

MACPAC Releases Report on Role of Medicaid in Supporting Employment

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The Medicaid and Chip Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) – the official government body which analyzes Medicaid data and policies for Congress, the Administration and the states – released a report this month titled “The Role of Medicaid in Supporting Employment”.

Specifically, the 4-page report (7 pages with endnotes) is divided in two sections that lay out:

  • Eligibility pathways for working people with disabilities and transitional medical assistances for low-income parents and caretakers.
  • How Medicaid can link beneficiaries to employment resources and offer employment supports for people with disabilities.

ANCOR members interested in employment issues for people with disabilities might also be interested in a recent paper by the Kessler Foundation, titled “Employing People with Disabilities: Lessons from Kessler Foundation’s Signature Employment Grants”. The paper “examines the success of grants given to initiatives that address the employment gap between people with and without disabilities. Independent evaluations identified five elements which were common to successful projects, namely, 1) A focus on changing attitudes about people with disabilities and their ability to work, 2) A person-centered approach to employment, 3) Technological platforms or model documentation, 4) Strong community partnerships, and 5) Wraparound services.”