Capitol Correspondence - 03.25.19

March 25th Only: Ask the House to Vote YES on Short-Term MFP Funding Bump

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We are sharing our action alert that went out at 11:15am ET on March 25 for the convenience of our members:

Breaking News: ANCOR has just learned that the House of Representatives will vote at 5:30pm ET today (March 25) on H.R. 1839, a bill to give the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program an extra $20 million dollars to extend its operations through the fall, pending a longer-term agreement.

The Ask: Please use our call tool and our email tool to ask your members of Congress to vote YES on H.R. 1839.

The Details: Currently, the MFP program is operating on a 3-month funding package which was slated to run out in April, although the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently assessed that states will be able to stretch out this funding until September. Today’s vote is to give the program extra funding to be stable during negotiations for a longer-term renewal, such as a five-year renewal or making the program permanent. ANCOR has heard from Congressional allies that this longer-term renewal will be proposed in the fall – please stay tuned for more advocacy opportunities on MFP this summer!

MFP is an important rebalancing program which has so far helped over 85,000 people with disabilities and/or chronic conditions who have asked to move out of state-run institutions live instead with the community with their family and peers. Because of its importance in supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream society, renewal of the MFP program is a policy priority for ANCOR, and ANCOR has been a leader on these bills in the Congress.

Have an extra minute? Please share your support for MFP on social media, using #FUNDMFP. We have sample social media at the end of this article.