Capitol Correspondence - 03.04.19

Mark Your Calendars: March 13 Virtual Employment Fair for People with Disabilities

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ANCOR is sharing this announcement by Bender Consulting Services because of the importance of employment to people with disabilities’ financial security, independence and quality of life.

As shared by Bender Consulting Services:

“Bender Consulting Services, Inc. has partnered with CareerEco to deliver Bender Virtual Career Fairs for People with Disabilities.

What is the Bender Virtual Career Fair?

The Bender Virtual Career Fair provides an opportunity for employers and job seekers with disabilities to connect online and network from the convenience of their homes or offices. For employers seeking to expand their talent pool of individuals with disabilities as a part of their diversity and Section 503 compliance outreach initiatives, the Bender Virtual Career Fair is a cost-effective and time efficient solution to recruitment efforts.

Our past virtual career fairs have each included national candidate participation with over 1,000 registrants with disabilities, including veterans and students and alumni from two and four year colleges and universities.

How does it work?

Company recruiters can participate online from anywhere in the world, eliminating travel costs while providing the opportunity to screen and recruit applicants with disabilities. The company will receive a personal chat room to connect virtually with candidates, including the option to conduct video interviews. In addition, you have the ability to post an unlimited number of jobs, search participant resumes, invite pre-selected candidates to your chat room, and capture the resumes of talented applicants with disabilities. 

Who is CareerEco?

CareerEco, the new career ecosystem, is a virtual recruiting platform and talent community for jobseekers, prospective graduate students, academic institutions, and employers who leverage the power of technology and embrace innovation in order to accomplish their professional and academic goals.

To learn more about the services CareerEco provides, please visit Opens a New Window.

Upcoming Events

Bender Virtual Career Fairs for People with Disabilities are held in March and November each year. To participate or to become a sponsor, please click here.

Who do I contact for more information?

To learn more about Bender Virtual Career Fairs, please click here and complete the form to request additional information.

To access a recording of the “Empower Your Students or Customers with Disabilities: Planning for Success at the Bender Virtual Career fair” webinar, please click on VCF Webinar.”