Capitol Correspondence - 09.30.19

Mark Your Calendars: Oct. 16 Webinar on Banks Developing Workforce Opportunities for People with Disabilities

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People with disabilities are employed at lower rates than their peers without disabilities, making this National Disability Institute (NDI) webinar on October 16 relevant for individuals and our members who support them in finding employment.

As written by NDI:

“Banks can play an important role in building a strong workforce for their local economy. Workforce development can be an eligible activity under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Recent guidance from federal banking regulators states that ‘creating or improving access by low- or moderate-income persons to jobs or to job training or workforce development programs’ may be considered an eligible economic development activity.

This webinar will explore how the CRA can support workforce development outcomes for people with disabilities. An overview of the CRA and its connection to workforce development will be presented, followed by a discussion of how partnerships can be developed and strengthened from the perspectives of both an organization serving people with disabilities and a bank partner.”

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