Capitol Correspondence - 07.09.18

Midterm Elections Update: Still Time to Register for Primaries

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Midterm elections will occur on November 6, 2018. However, there are still opportunities to participate in the primary elections process for the midterm elections as more than 20 states have not yet held their primaries. As such, ANCOR is excited to share resources for ANCOR members seeking to keep the individuals they support, and their networks, involved in the elections process.

  • The Rev Up Campaign: ANCOR is a proud sponsor of this disability-specific voter registration effort.
  • One Person, One Vote!: ANCOR is also a proud sponsor of this project to encourage and facilitate voting for people with disabilities.
  • US Vote Foundation: This site contains additional information on voting registration and elections.
  • Politico Election Results: This page shares primary deadlines and election results, categorized by state.