Capitol Correspondence - 04.28.20

Morning Joe Show Discusses Challenges Facing Disability Supports During COVID-19 Outbreak

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On April 24, Willie Geist on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show interviewed Dr. Richard Besser, head of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, on the response to the health care sector. Of note to our readers, Mr. Geist brought up the challenges facing the broader disability community during these times. This link will bring you to the relevant time mark in the conversation (7:58), where the question is asked and Dr. Bresser gives his response. He called the federal response inadequate for people with disabilities and gave examples of the recent family and medical leave changes made by Congress overlooking family caregivers, lack prescription flexibility and Medicaid funding, and discrimination against people with disabilities as they seek care in hospitals.

On a related note… As part of its advocacy efforts for Medicaid disability supports to be included in federal emergency funding during the COVID-19 outbreak, ANCOR will be seeking volunteers willing to engage with their local newspapers. ANCOR members seeking more details are encouraged to reach out to Doris Parfaite-Claude, Federal Advocacy and Research Manager, at [email protected].