Capitol Correspondence - 06.01.21

Negotiations for Jobs and Infrastructure Plan Slow Down

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Although congressional negotiations on President Biden’s infrastructure proposal have slowed in recent weeks, ANCOR is continuing to advocate for long-term funding for home- and community-based services to be included in the legislation.

Political Pulse reports that “hopes of a bipartisan deal on Biden’s next trillion-dollar spending bill are fading fast,” meaning that “the White House’s legislative agenda — not to mention the president’s major health priorities — could be delayed until well into summer or beyond.

Democratic leaders expect to take until at least July 4 to advance an infrastructure package, whether what they settle on has bipartisan buy-in or not…the calendar is looking increasingly full – and the odds of tackling any of Biden’s most ambitious health priorities before 2022 increasingly unlikely.”

Despite this challenge, Axios reports: “A group of GOP senators negotiating on infrastructure is preparing a $1 trillion counteroffer for the White House this week, a key leader said, far closer to President Biden’s target than previous overtures.” While Democratic Senators have expressed opposition to this proposal, they are holding off on beginning the reconciliation process to pass a jobs and infrastructure package on a partisan basis while the White House continues negotiations with Senate Republicans.

Congress’ conversations continue to be mostly internal at this point but ANCOR is remaining in touch with key offices to emphasize the continued need for long-term funding for essential Medicaid disability programs. We will keep our members informed of opportunities for action.