Capitol Correspondence - 08.06.18

New Grant to Teach People with Autism Computer Coding and Programming – Deadline 8/31

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As shared by our coalition partners at Autism Speaks:

Autism Speaks is funding programs that provide people with autism with meaningful social and educational experiences while developing innovative vehicles of service delivery. The Autism Speaks and GameStop NXT GEN Coders program invites applications from established programs that can teach people with autism (of all ages) critical coding and computer programming skills. Autism Speaks would also like to encourage the development of programs that teach more basic digital literacy skills for people across the autism spectrum – not only coding or high-level programming skills for those who can work at the most elite companies – and that also offer some level of soft skills training and support in addition to the technical instruction.

Requirements to apply are the following:

  1. You must be an established organization, with staff, infrastructure and a physical location that offers coding and/or computer programming.
  2. You must have trained staff leading the program, or have a specific plan to acquire and/or train additional staff to work with participants with autism.
  3. You must have a plan in place for sustainability of your program as well as follow up with graduates of your program.
  4. If you think you’d like to apply, please follow the link below.
  5. NXT GEN Coders Program powered by GameStop

Status: Open until August 31! APPLY HERE!