Capitol Correspondence - 02.16.21

New Resource: COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Dashboard

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To help our members navigate the COVID-19 vaccination landscape, we share a new dashboard tracking vaccine prioritizations by John Hopkins Disability Health Research Center. As explained on their website:

“This tool tracks vaccine prioritization plans across four categories:

  • Long-term care settings: This includes nursing homes, which are in the first phase for 49 states.
  • Other types of congregate care settings: This includes group homes, which fall into a different phase or tier than long-term care settings in 27 states.
  • People with chronic conditions: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends prioritizing people with chronic conditions in the COVID-19 vaccine timeline, but states have varying interpretations of this category, as outlined in Table 1. A total of 8 states divide high-risk chronic conditions across multiple phases.
  • Additional disability-related groups: This category includes three main groups: (1) people with disabilities who receive direct support care in the community, (2) people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or (3) recipients of certain Medicaid programs. A total of 20 states include an additional prioritization category related to disability.”