Capitol Correspondence - 07.29.19

New Resources – Quality Measurement, Family Caregivers, Social Determinants of Health, Dual Eligibles

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We are sharing a variety of resources which could be of interest for our members or the people with disabilities they support. These resources are relevant to the broad range of supports our members offer, or to the decision-making environment in which our members operate.

  • State innovations for family caregivers – article by the Center for Health Care Strategies on states’ “mix of strategies, including direct financial support, respite services, training, and other services” to support family caregivers.
  • Understanding how to use data for decision-making – video of Mathematica panel featuring leaders of various sectors discussing “the challenges of becoming data driven and offer action-oriented, accessible advice on how organizations can take their first steps, or their next steps, to progress together.”
  • Quality measurement initiatives – a list of initiatives by the American Association for Health and Disability (AAHD), for those interested in understanding the quality measurement policy universe. How to assess whether programs are delivering on promised outcomes and maintaining quality for individuals supported is a topic that continues to gain importance in the Medicaid area.
  • Incorporating social determinants of health in supports – a series of blog posts by Mathematica on “how different stakeholders can improve and leverage social determinants of health data to maximize the health and well-being of children and adults in the United States”.
  • Examining Long-Term Care for Dual Eligible Elders – an article by Health Affairs on elders who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. The article discusses how “home and community-based services need to be carefully targeted to avoid adverse outcomes and that the racial/ethnic disparities in access to high-quality institutional long-term care are also present in HCBS.”