Capitol Correspondence - 07.07.20

New Tool to Help People with Disabilities Combat Isolation During the Pandemic

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As announced by the ABLE National Resource Center:

“National Disability Institute (NDI), which manages the ABLE National Resource Center, has launched the #ResilientPwD text messaging campaign to deliver information, tips and interventions to people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. The texts, which are available by signing up for a free subscription, will be sent two times per week for six months and are intended to help combat stress and feelings of isolation, build positive thinking and establish new behavior patterns that promote emotional well-being and financial resilience. People can sign up to receive these messages by texting the keyword RESILIENT to 833-632-0273 or by visiting

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but particularly for people with disabilities and chronic conditions,” said Elizabeth Jennings, NDI Acting Executive Director. “By launching this text campaign, we will support this population and bring awareness to the importance of taking positive actions to reduce both emotional and financial stress. We are particularly excited to deliver evidence-based interventions, reviewed by people with diverse disabilities, to improve the well-being of people with disabilities and chronic conditions, their families, and all who take part in this campaign.’

A select group of individuals with disabilities, including ABLE account owners who serve as ABLE NRC Ambassadors, vetted texts for the #ResilientPwD campaign to ensure that they were helpful, supportive and targeted to the disability community and those with chronic health conditions.

#ResilientPwD will connect to those with no internet access and provide participants with new ways to manage increased stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.”