Capitol Correspondence - 09.22.20

Only Two More Weeks Left for Certain SSA / SSDI Beneficiaries to Register for Stimulus Checks

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We encourage our members to share this announcement with their networks so that the individuals they support and their families who receive Social Security Administration (SSA) and Social Security Disability benefits do not miss two key deadlines to register for stimulus checks. As announced by the SSA:

“Please raise awareness about the IRS’ extended September 30 deadline for Social Security and SSI recipients to enter their child’s information in the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool to receive the $500 Economic Impact Payment (EIP) this year. 

IRS Extends Deadline to Ensure People with Children Receive $500 Economic Impact Payments.  Learn more:

We hope you will join in sharing this urgent message with the public.  The extended deadline is fast approaching and applies to people who:

  • Receive Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability benefits, or SSI payments;
  • Did not file a 2019 or 2018 tax return;
  • Have a qualifying child under age 17; and
  • Who did not already enter information in the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool for themselves and at least one child.

If your client already entered information in the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool before and even after the IRS’ previously announced deadlines (April 22 for Social Security beneficiaries; May 5 for SSI recipients), your client does not need to do anything for those children.  However, you may need to file a tax return next year, please visit the IRS website to learn more.  The IRS will automatically make a payment in October based on the information your client provided.

Most adult Social Security and SSI beneficiaries should already have received their $1,200 individual EIPs.  Beneficiaries who do not usually file taxes can use the Non-Filer tool – but they must act by October 15, 2020, to get their payment this year.   

The IRS plans to issue electronic EIPs on November 4, 2020 and to issue paper check EIPs on November 6, 2020 to Social Security and SSI beneficiaries who started receiving their monthly benefits on or after January 1, 2020.  If, however, they used the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool and have not received their EIP yet, it will likely arrive in October.

Please note that Direct Express cardholders who use the IRS’ Non-Filer tool will not receive their $1,200 payment on their Direct Express card.  They will receive both their $1,200 payment and each child’s $500 payment on a non-Direct Express bank account they provide the IRS, or by mail if they leave bank information empty.  If they do not use the Non-Filer tool, they will receive their $1,200 payment on their Direct Express card.

I encourage you to read the latest information from the IRS, and share this information with your members, colleagues, affiliates, and other interested parties. Tell them to act now to receive their Economic Impact Payment this year.”