Capitol Correspondence - 02.05.18

Potential Long-Term Budget Deal on the Horizon

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After negotiations following the shortened shut down two weeks ago, the Senate is possibly within reach of a 2-year budget deal to fund the government. The deal would increase spending limits imposed on the budget in 2013 and 2015 compromises between Congress and the Obama Administration by over $300 billion – and significantly, the bill is not deficit-neutral as previous budget deals have been. The proposal would have offsets of $100 billion. It would increase defense spending caps by $80 billion and domestic program caps by $63 billion. Read more about the negotiations and comparisons to recent budget deals here

Should the Senate agree to this deal, it would then go to the House for a vote before going to the President. In the House, it remains to be seen how concerns surrounding the deficit on the right and about the fate of the DACA program on the left will influence dialogue around the proposal. Members might find this Politico article on budget discussions on the House side useful. Likewise the President has not yet issued clear indications of his stance towards the proposal. ANCOR will keep members updated on these discussions as they evolve.