Capitol Correspondence - 07.06.21

President Biden Signs Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

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President Biden signed an executive order on June 25 which, among its diversity, equity and inclusion provisions, included language to enhance equity and access for people with disabilities in the federal government. As explained in the fact sheet for this executive order:

“The Federal government is stronger and more successful when individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities to lead at every level. In spite of decades of progress in removing barriers to employment for employees with disabilities, people with disabilities remain under-represented throughout the Federal government, and particularly in positions of leadership. The Executive Order directs the government to become a model employer for individuals with disabilities. It charges key agencies, including the Department of Labor and the U.S. Access Board, to coordinate across the Federal government to ensure that all Federal workplaces and technologies are fully accessible; improve the process for requesting reasonable accommodations; and ensure that all Federal employees understand their rights to request reasonable accommodations. The Executive Order also directs a review of Schedule A Hiring Authority for individuals with disabilities to assess opportunities to enhance employment opportunities and financial security for employees with disabilities. And the Executive Order directs the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Labor to take steps to expand the use of the Workforce Recruitment Program for college students and recent graduates with disabilities.”