Capitol Correspondence - 01.13.20

President to Lay Out 2020 Policy Priorities in February

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Mark your calendars for two important annual traditions in which the President and his Administration signal their policy priorities for the upcoming year:

  • February 4: The State of the Union, in which the President traditionally shares his perspective on what are key challenges and opportunities for the nation.
  • February 10: The President sends his budget proposal to Congress. The President’s budget is largely symbolic, because the Constitution gave Congress the powers of the purse. However, by sharing which programs the Administration feels should receive more funding (or not), it signals which policy areas it prioritizes.

These two events will help ANCOR read regulatory tea leaves on disability and health policy while pursuing our 2020 objectives. We will be sure to share our thoughts on the state of the union and budget proposal with our readers! In the meantime, last week members of ANCOR’s Government Relations (GR) Committee met in Baltimore, MD to discuss the organization’s policy goals. As a result of that discussion, we will be prioritizing addressing the workforce crisis as we had in 2019, while not losing sight of new Administration or Congressional efforts that might emerge.