Capitol Correspondence - 05.14.18

Rep. DeGette Sends CMS Letter Raising Awareness of EVV’s Effects on Self-Direction

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A few weeks ago U.S. Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO) sent the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) a letter expressing concerns about Electronic Visit Verification’s (EVV) effects on self-directed services, as well as asking when the agency plans to release guidance on EVV.

Specifically, her letter states: “Populations that use self-directed Medicaid programs could face additional obstacles in using EVV systems.” The letter goes on explain that EVV might not account for self-directed programs’ use of multiple delivery sites, and that enrollees and support staff alike might lack the technological skills necessary to operate EVV programs, leading to “financial and programmatic penalties.” The letter then asks for more information from CMS on EVV’s effects on self-directed programs, and also asks for when CMS will be issuing guidance on the topic.

ANCOR continues to lead provider advocacy efforts with CMS and Congress to raise awareness of our concerns surrounding EVV implementation for I/DD supports, including working with offices that are currently developing legislation as well as preparing their own letters to CMS.  We have also been encouraging our members and their networks to elevate this issue to Congress. Last week alone, advocates sent more than 2,200 emails to their members of Congress using the ANCOR Amplifier. Join our efforts today to keep the momentum going!