Capitol Correspondence - 01.21.20

Resource: The Arc/CQL Survey Findings on Disability Housing

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People with disabilities face more challenges accessing affordable housing than their peers without disabilities, a fact re-affirmed by a housing survey conducted jointly by The Arc of the United States and CQL: The Council on Quality & Leadership. As reported in the survey key findings:

  • “Most people with I/DD and their families said that they had very little choice in where they live because there were not many home options that would take a person with I/DD.
  • Family members often decided where the person with I/DD would live, but people with I/DD want to be involved in this decision.
  • People with I/DD cherish time they have in and with the community, and want more opportunities to integrate into their communities.
  • People with I/DD want to contribute to the choices that impact their lives, such as where they live, who they live with, and how they spend their time.
  • People with I/DD want opportunities to learn new skills, participate in tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and medication administration, and interact with friends and romantic partners.
  • People dream of having independence and opportunities, a setting that is physically accessible, having the ability to see their friends whenever they want, being treated with respect, and having well paid and qualified support staff.”