Capitol Correspondence - 06.08.20

Resource: Report on Global Impact of COVID-19 on People with Disabilities

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As announced by Disability Rights International (DRI):

“A coalition of seven disability organizations from around the globe – including DRI – have been conducting a worldwide survey since mid-April 2020 to assess the impact of the pandemic on persons with disabilities and to gauge the extent to which governments have protected their rights.

The survey – known as the COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor (DRM) – collected responses from some 1,600 people and from more than 120 countries.

Today we present the COVID-19 DRM Dashboard, which will allow you to share in the concerns of the respondents – their fears, the dangers and discrimination they face, and the impact of the virus on their lives.

It is a must read.

For more information, read the full launch statement on our website, and visit the dashboard at”