Capitol Correspondence - 06.16.20

Resource: State and Federal Employment and Labor Laws Taking Effect in July 2020

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As announced by the legal firm Littler:

“Each year, Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute provides its ‘July is the New January’ report on labor and employment laws that become effective in the middle of the year.  In 2019, we reported on scores of new laws that took effect last summer.  2020 has, of course, been dramatically different.  The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many levels of government for varying periods of time.  While laws relating to COVID-19 have been hurriedly put into place, other, more traditional employment laws, have taken a back seat.

Nevertheless, our report this year does include several new laws taking effect in the coming weeks. One state in particular – Virginia – stands apart.  Over one dozen new employment laws will become effective in the Commonwealth this summer.

Please note that this report is not all-inclusive, and does not include a discussion of upcoming changes in the minimum wage. Those are discussed in the mid-year edition of the WPI Wage Watch. The focus here is on generally applicable laws, although we do include some large localities and some industry-specific laws.”

Access summary tables and extended links to report components here.