Capitol Correspondence - 09.09.19

Resource: Webinar on System Changes Necessary for Competitive Integrated Employment

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ANCOR is sharing this webinar announcement because many of our members offer employment supports for people with disabilities.

The Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program (EFSLMP) Community of Practice (CoP) Webinar Series is structured to augment the technical assistance areas of primary focus in Employment First systems change (Capacity Building, Provider Transformation, School-to-Work Transition, Employer Engagement, and Policy/Funding Alignment). CoP participants will benefit from national subject matter experts (SMEs) presenting information and resources to support Employment First efforts.

Topic: The Need for Immediate Systems Change to Increase Competitive Integrated Employment 

The Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program’s comprehensive framework for Employment First is based on the fundamental policy that integrated employment should be the priority for and outcome of publicly funded systems for individuals with all types of disabilities. This webinar provides an overview of three briefs, to be released by ODEP in September 2019, on the Fiscal Impact of the existing publically funded system. The three briefs address fiscal sustainability and Interagency Collaboration, Provider Transformation, and Transition from School to Work. Each of the three briefs provides an overview of the relevant data on costs, outcomes, research and best practices. The briefs also include suggested actions and strategies for systems change designed to produce increased competitive integrated employment outcomes. These systems change strategies and others are essential to ensure fiscal sustainability and movement to achieving the promises of the ADA twenty-nine years after its enactment.

Webinar Objectives

During this webinar, we will:

  • Identify the most current data on the status of children and adults with disabilities 
  • Identity the research and data supporting best practice and raised expectations for integrated employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, including individuals with the most complex disabilities
  • Explore the costs of the lifelong patterns and cycles of poverty, dependency and segregation to the individual, to society and to the taxpayer 
  •  Recognize the need for true Interagency Collaboration to begin immediately with formal agreements and joint accountability, responsibility and the use of braided funding
  • Raise expectations for all individuals with disabilities, beginning in early childhood, for outcomes of competitive integrated employment and community membership and belonging
  • Review a framework for Provider Transformation
  • Learn the business models and language of Return on Investment (ROI) to the taxpayer and to the individual

Webinar Procedures 

  1. In advance of the webinar, we strongly recommend you test your connection and review the Adobe Connect Instructions and Troubleshooting Tips.
  2. On the day of the webinar, enter room here:
  3. In the GUEST field, enter your first and last name followed by state abbreviation (i.e., Jeff, Smith, DC).
  4. To connect your audio, follow the prompts to enter your phone number (direct line), and the system will immediately call you back (see step-by-step instructions).
  5. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Connect, please review these tips before participating.

Meeting Materials

  • Meeting materials will be distributed closer to the event.”