Capitol Correspondence - 11.12.19

Resources to Assist People with Disabilities with Open Enrollment

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Providers and family members assisting people with disabilities who are navigating the open enrollment period right now might be interested in the following resources:

  • A best practices webinar on assisting people with disabilities with open enrollment, offered by the American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD).
  • A blog post compiling a list of state-issued advisories and press alerts on fraud surrounding the open enrollment period, written by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute.
  • An article further elaborating on scams surrounding open enrollment by the Detroit Free Press. Readers will have to scroll down past the ad on the page to see the article.
  • An announcement for a Disability Action Week by the National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative on their upcoming Disability Action Week – while right now the page just lists their social media handles, they will be posting updates to it soon.