Capitol Correspondence - 11.26.18

Restraint and Seclusion Bill Returns to Congress

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After many years of failed agreement, Congress is once again seeking to tackle restraint and seclusion issues in school and limit restraint to imminent danger situations only as well as ban seclusion. This topic has gained additional media attention, with NBC News producing this article on a 13 year old self-advocate who seeks to end seclusion in schools. The advocate testified to Congress this week on the Keeping All Students Safe Act.

 As shared in Disability Scoop:

“Legislation establishing first-ever federal oversight of restraint and seclusion in the nation’s schools is back on the table.

Democrats in Congress introduced a bill known as the Keeping All Students Safe Act this week. The measure would bar seclusion at any school receiving federal tax dollars and significantly limit the use of restraint to situations where the safety of students and teachers is at risk.

‘It’s barbaric for schools to confine students alone in locked rooms, or to use abusive methods to restrain little children. Treating school kids this way should not be tolerated in America. Period,’ said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., a sponsor of the legislation. ‘Our bill would establish strong federal standards to keep students safe, while giving school staff alternatives to respond to challenging situations in the right way.’”