Capitol Correspondence - 02.06.17

Ryan Conducts ACA Telephone Poll

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For several weeks, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been conducting informal telephone polls on the ACA, though information on these calls was not widely disseminated. Upon calling the Speaker’s office, participants could listen to a pre-recorded message explaining the Speaker’s views on the ACA. Callers could then press 1 to “vote” for keeping the ACA or press 2 to hear more about the Better Way proposal’s healthcare components. There were no options to speak to staff, as Congressional phone lines have had too much traffic in recent days to allow for all calls to be answered in-person. Results from this and two previous, similar polls have not been released to the public, but ANCOR will let members know should more information become available.

Congressional offices and the White House switchboard have been inundated with telephone calls since President Trump was inaugurated, leading to more offices using touch-tone and voicemail options to tally voter concerns as staff are unable to field all calls coming in.