Capitol Correspondence - 06.25.18

Senate Refuses to Bring White House Rescissions Package Up for a Vote

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According to Politico:

“The procedural vote to tee up President Donald Trump’s $15 billion cutbacks package, H.R. 3 (115), for floor consideration failed 48-50 Wednesday afternoon.

Senate GOP leaders have until Friday to pass the so-called rescissions measure with a simple majority, before their special procedural powers expire and a 60-vote threshold sets in. So the failed vote could be the Senate’s first and only shot at advancing the White House’s much-heralded, deficit-reduction bill.

The most controversial piece of the bill involves $7 billion in reductions to the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program [CHIP]. Those cuts have divided Republicans for weeks, even as budget experts have said the cutbacks to CHIP wouldn’t affect the program or its beneficiaries.”

ANCOR has been following this story because of the CHIP component and will keep members informed if the Senate takes further action.