Capitol Correspondence - 01.08.17

Senator Casey Introduces RISE Act

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In December, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) announced the introduction of the bipartisan RISE Act (Respond, Innovate, Support and Empower Act) focused on assisting students with disabilities and their families. “The legislation will help break down barriers in higher education, making it easier for students to get help and support as they pursue their education,” stated Casey at an AUCD conference. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) are also original co-sponsors. The four central elements of the Act would 1) Require colleges to accept IEPs, 504 Plans, military disability statements, and records of service from other colleges as evidence of a disability; 2) Make the process for determining the eligibility for accommodations transparent; 3) Expand data collection on college students with disabilities; 4) Provide more funding for a one-stop resource for information about disability services in college and for a technical assistance center to highlight, and train faculty in, and strategies that help students with disabilities succeed. (See Section 777 Higher Education Act). National Center for Learning Disabilities created a one-page summary of the RISE ACT.  The bill was not passed prior to Congress’ adjourning before the end of the year, but Casey, Hatch, and Cassidy plan to reintroduce it early in the next Congress.

Source: AUCD