Capitol Correspondence - 06.04.18

Senators Lamar Alexander, Cruz Polling for Next Republican Agenda Item

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As reported in Politico:

“Republican Senators aren’t sure what to do between now and the November elections. So they’re conducting a poll — of themselves.

Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee have been quietly circulating an unusual “survey” of their colleagues in recent weeks asking about their level of support for dozens of legislative proposals, some of them highly controversial.

The areas under consideration include taking another stab at repealing and scaling back Obamacare; trying for Round 2 of tax cuts; eliminating or reining in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; defunding Planned Parenthood and other anti-abortion rights measures; instituting work requirements for federal welfare programs; expanding gun rights; instituting budget reforms; and dozens more.”

ANCOR will continue to report on our weekly Member calls what we learn about Congress’ priorities and any changes to the legislative agenda.