Capitol Correspondence - 11.10.20

Social Security Administration Announcements on Statutory Benefit Continuation Election and Economic Impact Payments

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Because some of our members assist individuals with disabilities in maintaining or accessing Social Security benefits, we share these two announcements by the Social Security Administration:

Statutory Benefit Continuation Election:

“We have experienced delays in processing certain requests for reconsideration of initial disability cessation determinations (including age-18 redeterminations) during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.  We will accept this delay as a good reason to continue (or resume) benefits when your clients file a late request and the following apply:

  • The determination notice ending your client’s disability benefits (notice of cessation) is dated on or before August 30, 2020; and
  • Your client’s request for reconsideration of the cessation determination is still pending with us.

We have posted this information on our COVID-19 page and encourage you to share it with your members, colleagues, affiliates, and other interested parties.”

Economic Impact Payments

“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced two important updates about economic impact payments (EIP).  First, the IRS has extended the deadline for non-tax filers to provide information to get their EIP this year.  The IRS previously announced that adult non-tax filers would have until November 21 to submit their information via the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool, while the deadline to submit information for children had expired.  However, now, adults may continue to submit their children’s information until November 21 as well.  An adult may receive up to $1,200.  Adults with a qualifying child can get $500 per child.

Additionally, the IRS is now enabling Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries, who already received their own EIP, to use the Non-Filer Tool to register for a payment for their spouse or qualifying child if they did not receive their EIP.  To help increase awareness about the importance of registering for an EIP, the IRS has established November 10 as National Economic Impact Payment Registration Day.  Please help inform your clients about the extended deadline and that they can now use the tool for their spouse or child, even if they already received their own EIP.  Tell them to act now to receive their Economic Impact Payment this year.

Learn more about ANCOR’s coalition work on economic impact payments here.