Capitol Correspondence - 01.12.21

Social Security Administration Announces Funding for Interventional Research

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For the convenience of our members who engage in research, particularly surrounding new service models or policy alternatives, we share this announcement by the Social Security Administration.

“The Interventional Cooperative Agreement Program (ICAP) will allow us to enter into cooperative agreements with non-federal entities to conduct interventional research supporting our programs.  Cooperative agreements are legal financial assistance instruments between a Federal agency (in this case SSA) and a non-Federal entity when substantial involvement between the two entities is required.  Interventional research, which ICAP will fund, is used to evaluate the efficacy of specific treatments or preventative measures, such as new service models or policy alternatives, to achieve specific outcomes.  The research and interventions funded by ICAP will:

  • Promote work or increase the employment of people receiving, applying for, or at risk of receiving Disability Insurance (DI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits;
  • Reduce or prevent dependency on DI or SSI benefits, including children and youth;
  • Coordinate planning between private and public agencies that administer social programs to improve the administration and effectiveness of the DI, SSI, and related programs;
  • Assist claimants in vulnerable populations (individuals experiencing homelessness, individuals who are indigent, and others) apply for or appeal decisions for DI and SSI benefits; and
  • Conduct outreach to children with disabilities who are potentially eligible to receive SSI.

To learn more about the upcoming competition, visit, then select the “Search Grants” tab.  After selecting the “Search Grants” tab, enter the opportunity number, ICAP-ICA-21-001, under the “Basic Search Criteria” heading.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]