Capitol Correspondence - 07.06.21

Social Security Administration Creates New Position to Assist Vulnerable Positions

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We encourage ANCOR members who assist people with disabilities in obtaining federal benefits to share this Social Security Administration announcement with their networks.

“We have been working with claimant advocate groups to identify new ways in which we can improve access to our services for the most vulnerable populations.  We have exciting news that we have designated a new position to work with organizations in local communities to help often-underserved individuals.

A Vulnerable Population Liaison, or VPL, will work directly with an organization that commits to helping take claims or to providing us information sufficient to protect a claimant for benefits at the earliest date possible.  Providing that information is what we call establishing a lead.

This is a tremendous opportunity for a partner organization to have direct access to a Social Security employee to help their clients.  Already more than 560 organizations have committed to helping take and submit claims, and more than 600 organizations have agreed to help establish a lead.

Agreeing to help us take claims is an important pledge and we are committed to providing tools and knowledge to help you.  We created several videos and presentations that we will present in virtual training, answer your questions, and share resources with you after your training.  These resources include our new electronic, fillable Supplemental Security Income applications (SSA-8000 and SSA-8001 forms).

Together, we can do more to help our nation’s most vulnerable populations.  Please reach out to the Social Security Regional Communications Director for your state to learn more and sign up to be a partner organization.  We look forward to partnering with you.”