Capitol Correspondence - 04.09.18

Social Security Administration Receives Funding Boost to Lower Disability Claims Backlog

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According to the Washington Post, the Social Security Administration (SSA), which handles disability claims, has received a boost in its staff funding as part of the large 2-year budget omnibus bill passed by Congress earlier this spring.

As written by the Post:

“Roughly $100 million of the increased allocation will target the disability hearing backlog, in which claimants on average wait around 600 days for a judge to decide whether they will receive benefits including health insurance and a monthly payment.


The agency’s administrative budget has remained roughly stagnant since 2010, even though the number of people receiving retirement and disability benefits rose by more than 7 million as a population bulge of baby boomers neared retirement benefits and reached an age when developing disabilities is more likely.


Advocates applauded the additional allocations but cautioned that while it may appear to be a lot of money, the agency’s needs are still great.”

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